Losing Hope

I am a teacher who wept in front of her class today.  Not long and hard but it was enough to make them stop and take notice.  I stared at the four things on their desk that were considered to be technology and realized that they had no room to work,  but I was trying to meet requirements in case someone “popped in” for an observation.  I became truly terrified at that moment and overwhelmed with sadness.  I almost immediately regained my composure.  I had to for my students.  Those poor babies are being used as pawns and I’m “human capital”.  How degrading and humiliating.  I am honestly having trouble sleeping, eating and just thinking clearly.  I can’t even enjoy my favorite holidays because of the stress of “Sweet Sixteen”.  There’s nothing sweet about it!  I actually have become “socially retarded” because all I do is work.  I  have no life!   The job I was born to do has now become the bain of my existence!  I’m trying so hard but I feel like a Hamster on a wheel going nowhere fast.  This idiocy has got to stop!  Let children be children and let teachers teach!  Stop attaching bogus numbers to standards “evaluating” teachers and telling us you’re not evaluating us!  Stop scoring us low and telling us you’ll help us improve so that the administration can pretend that Sweet Sixteen is working when it is the worst thing that has ever happened to Sumter!  Also, stop trying to do the same to our students!  Life is short and childhood is dear.  “Let us work, let us live!”  Please keep me anonymous because I need my job.



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3 responses to “Losing Hope

  1. Elaine Miller

    Thank you for your courage and honesty. Until others start speaking up about the horrific teaching conditions you are working under, nothing much is going to change. There are people who realize what is going on, but due to very effective public mis-information and on-going rhetoric from the administration, many people choose to believe what they want to believe while ignoring the truth.
    There is a meeting of the SSEA today- Dec. 6- at 4:30 at Logan’s
    on Broad Street. You do not have to be a member to attend. This is a wonderful organization working diligently and professionally for our teachers and our students. Please try to attend and bring others with you.
    Please keep talking and please do not give up!!

  2. This district has one goal and that is to make Bynum and the board look good on paper. These people care nothing for the “human capital” that spends every waking hour working on lesson plans, grading papers, attending meetings, attending student events, and contacting parents (all after work hours). They are also illegally charging employee’s leave time when they are made to stay and work the hours that their leave was charged for. I have been teaching for well over 25 years in Sumter County and I have never seen teacher moral so low.

  3. jane

    I no longer have children in school, but have grandchildren in elementary and middle schools. They are very bright and well taught by their dedicated teachers. I don’t know how teachers get their jobs done with all they have to deal with in a school day. And then … they have to go home to prepare again for the next day. They do not have just a 9 to 5 schedule. I’m sure most teachers take personally the physical, psychological, religious, social and personal needs and many other issues that their students bring to school on a daily basis. Were it known by their superiors, they could be highly chastized, dismissed or caused to quit teaching … all because of the concern they have for, and the care they give these children. GOD BLESS … our teachers !!!!

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