A simple email…a not so simple response

Dear Mr. Schultz and Members of the Board,

I would like to know if the board approved the advertisement by Reverend Canty that was published in the Sunday newspaper. Since it contains the school district seal, is the advertisement and its contents the opinion of the entire board?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tammi Soles

Good Morning Mr. Shultz and My Fellow Board Members:

While I have been away from the city all week I understand that as chairman and perhaps others of you as board members have been questioned, as in the instance of the inquiry listed below, about the public statement I made in Sunday’s paper.

Without offense to you, please be advised that I do not need anyone to answer or defend me.  My remarks are on the RECORD and I stand firmly behind every statement I made. For two months I researched news articles, periodicals and the internet attempting to better understand the issue of “teacher morale.”  There is documentation for every example I cited.

Obviously, there are some folk who misunderstand my role as a board member.  I have not subjugated my right of “FREE SPEECH” because I sit on the board.  I would dare not speak for the board without the authority of the board; but I do not need the board’s authority to write or express whatever I feel like writing and “PAYING” for out of my personal coffers. So, whenever anyone ask about something I said or did you shouldn’t have to entertain the discussion.  SEND THEM TO ME, PLEASE!!!

The Sumter School District is a positive and progressive move for this community.  Yes, there are drawbacks and hindrances.  We will definitely need to revisit some of our policies and practices and we must continue to improve communications and establish healthy relationships; but we must not allow a few folk to derail this process neither must we allow a regressive mentality to chart our course.

I have such a problem with questions that springs forth from obvious retardation but to squelch the matter I will address it.  The Sumter School District Seal is not copyrighted, so I didn’t need your approval for that either.  Further, I have 200 cards in my possession, personal cards with the seal affixed, printed and provided by the District that identifies me with the District and my recent overwhelming re-election qualifies that relationship.

Finally, I struggle to be the voice of reason on the board because I think I best serve in that role.  You nor the community hear little from me because I tend to listen, process and advise; but when my “BUTTON” is pushed you will always get a red flag.

Ralph W. Canty, Sr.




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6 responses to “A simple email…a not so simple response

  1. Rick

    “Finally, I struggle to be the voice of reason on the board because I think I best serve in that role. You nor the community hear little from me because I tend to listen, process and advise; but when my “BUTTON” is pushed you will always get a red flag? Is that like a red card in soccer or something? All of that research proved that teachers are chronic complainers and lazy? Low workforce morale among the “HUMAN CAPITAL” is the norm and to be expected and accepted. We are lucky to have such a voice of reason.

  2. Bryan Funke

    No Dr. Canty – as an elected school board member you represent the constituency of Area 6. As such you should be expressing the views and opionions of those who elected you. Posting the district logo on your advertisement gives readers the impression that your personal opinions are those of the district. This is totally inappropriate. Open your eyes and you will see that teacher morale is at all time low. Our district leadership under Mr. Bynum is the most expensive and least transparent in Sumter history. We parents demand to know how the superintendent and the board is representing us.

    Bryan J. Funke, MD, MPH
    Concerned Parent

  3. I agree with the idea of free speech. I also understand that different institutions have their own seals/logos. It seems that the history teachers of your school system need to give Mr. Canty a lesson. Free speech is a personal right and therefore he had no right to use the district seal to falsely represent the board when, as he himself states, stating his own thoughts and ideas. This is fraud. If that seal is not trademarked in some way, we may find in a flag somewhere in the world, say Kuwait. Then he said he represented the board when he did not. Mr. Canty would not know the truth if it hit him smack in the face. No wonder why morale is low. Teachers have a difficult enough job with long hours and budget cuts. Please make one big budget cut in their favor-get rid of Mr. Canty. He is a cancer to your educational system. And I do not even live in the state and can see what a tsunami you have coming!!

  4. Jacqueline Summers

    Dr. Canty, please have one of those complaining English teachers correct your writing before you publish it. A member of a school board should be grammatically correct, don’t you think?

  5. Theresa Duggan

    As a parent with children at Sumter High School who have a active background working with Special Needs Children in the school, I am very offended by your use of the word “retardation”. Perhaps you would benefit by attending the “End the R Word” rally with the main stream and Special Needs students at the Statehouse in the Spring.

  6. Deborah Gunter

    How dare you, as a School Board member, use the term “retardation” as an insult. People with intellectual disabilities are not symbols for insult. Any person who is up to date and just plain decent would never use this term in such a way. Shame on you. You obviously do not have the education, skills, insight, or knowledge to be making decisions about education in any forum.

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