Stressed in Sumter

I have been in the school district in Sumter for 20+ years. I have lived through a myriad of new teaching techniques and evaluations. I have dealt with issues every year. I lived through one year of district scandal where embezzlement happened and still could say I need a set of dictionaries and get one. The kids did what you told them to do, because to hear your name called to the office meant something. No counseling. The counseling meant your parent had to come get you. Not anymore.

 Now we put together the utopia lesson plan. Get through an all-day evaluation and never hear a word back for months. What should I work on, where do I lack in your opinion? Well, I cannot tell you what I did that day anymore, I have moved on and I promise this … so have those who evaluated me and had to type for at least 3 hours to complete my evaluation, all 5 of them. The validity of an evaluation is compromised even if scripted; if it takes 3 weeks for someone to write it. Then it is not valid anymore. You do not still feel the excitement the kids did or I did. You are filling in forms and wanting it done. I do not blame you. Who wants twelve hours extra work on the weekend?

I think that Sumter needs to know that their children are being taught by the stressed out teachers that want to show the world what we can do when we have support and pride in our profession. When a board member says we are fighting change, it is a big mistake. He hit us all. I personally worked towards consolidation on my own time and even on Sundays. I worked with great people from both districts. Everyone had nothing but the hope for the best for our students.  We want the best for Sumter. I feel a slap in the face. But you know what? I will not give up. I will teach and be the best I can be. Not for them but for you… the parents, community, and supporters who understand. Most importantly, my kids! I teach the students… I DO IT FOR THEM!




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3 responses to “Stressed in Sumter

  1. Lynn

    Thanks you for what you do! I am praying for all of you!

  2. C

    So glad I no longer teach in the public school system. I loved my students and my subject. AHA moments were priceless but the political stuff that went on to satisfy the powers that be and the imbalance in pay versus actual work done were too much for me. Bless all of you who do it for the kids because they know and it does make a difference.

  3. I think the school “board” and superintendent needs to be completely eliminated and replaced by qualified active teachers.

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